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PILine®: Miniature Piezo Motor / Slide for High Volume Applications
M-674 PILine® RodDrive: Integrated Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Linear Actuator
Controller for NEXACT® Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
P-652 Ultra-Compact Ultra-Sonic Actuators
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Ultrasonic Piezomotor
for High-Speed Actuation
and Positioning

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Piezo Motor Solutions for Automation & Ultra-Precision Motion Control
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Nanopositioning Flexure Piezo Stages      Piezo Stack Actuators & Transducers

Micro Piezomotor Linear Drive High velocity, Compact size (as small as 8mm long)

High Speed Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor Drive (Pusher)

Low Profile XY Piezo Motor Stages with Insert Option

Ultra Precision (Sub-nm) PiezoWalk® High Force Piezomotors
PI currently manufactures two basic types of piezoelectric linear motors: Ultrasonic linear motors (resonant motors), and stepper motors (PiezoWalk®). Both offer an auto-locking feature and can basically provide unlimited travel, yet they are very different in their design, specifications and performance.

PILine® ultrasonic resonant motors are characterized by very high speed to 800 mm/s and a very compact and simple design (systems down to 8 mm are available).

NEXLINE® & NEXACT® piezo step linear motors can achieve much higher forces and picometer range resolution but are not as fast.

Flexure type piezo linear actuators are best used for smaller ranges but offer extremely fast response to microseconds.

All piezo motors and actuators are in principle nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible, a perfect match for many applications in the semiconductor industry.

More Information and Links to Applications...
Selection Guides
Piezo Motor Cell-phone Camera Module: Auto Focus & Zoom
Download the PI Piezo Motor PDF Brochures
Piezo Linear Motor Introduction
PILine® Ultrasonic Piezomotor Working Principle
NEXLINE® Piezo-Walk® Working Principle
Test and Quality Control at PI
More Papers and Literature
PI Piezo Motor Videos
Piezo Motor for OCT Scanner

Ultrasonic Motors, Actuators and Stages
Ultrasonic Micro
Motors / Stages
Ultrasonic Piezo Linear
Motors / Actuators
Linear Stages w/ Ultrasonic Motors XY-Piezomotor
Ultrasonic Piezo
Motor Controllers

Cost Effective
Ultra Compact
Travel Range 3.2 mm

Fast: to 800 mm/sec

Travel: 20 mm-50 mm
20000 h MTBF
Vacuum Versions

Fast: to 100 mm/s
Travel: 25 x 25 mm
0.1 µm Resolution

Open- & Closed-Loop
1-2 Channels
Integrated drivers

Piezo Stepper Motors (PiezoWalk®), Flexure Actuators & Classical Piezo Actuators
Piezo Stepper Nanopositioning Motors Piezo Stepper Motor Controllers Piezostage Systems & Flexure Actuators Piezo Bender Actuators PICMA® Piezo Stack Actuators
Sub-nm Resolution
Push/Pull to 60 Kg
Vacuum Compatible
High Resolution
Unlimited Travel
High Dynamics
Flexure Guided
Closed- & Open-Loop
Resolution <1 nm
Travel: to 2 mm
Extreme Lifetime
Sub-msec Response
Sub-nm Resolution

Selection Guides: Piezo Linear Motors: Ultrasonic & Step Motors
Piezo Linear Actuators | Piezostage Systems | Piezo Tip/Tilt Platforms | Piezo Ceramic Materials | Precision Actuator Overview |
NEXLINE® & NEXACT® Ultra-High-Resolution Nanopositioning Drives
Click Image for
Data Sheet
Models* Description Load
Capacity [kg]
Travel [mm] Drive
N-310 N-310 NEXACT® Ultra-compact nanopositioning drive, subnanometer resolution. 1 20 Piezo-Walk®
N-110 N-111 NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® nanopositioning drive, subnanometer resolution. 8 5 Piezo-Walk®
N-214 N-214 NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® high-load nanopositioning drive, subnanometer resolution. 60 20 Piezo-Walk®
E-755 NEXLINE Controller E-755 Piezocontroller for NEXLINE® nano-drive, 32-bit digital filters, 24-bit DAC resolution
Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motors / Actuators for OEMs
Click Image for
Data Sheet
Models* Description Load
Capacity [kg]
Travel [mm] Drive
P-653 P-653 PILine® Miniature Linear Motor / Slide:
8 mm in length
0.005 2 PILine® ultrasonic motor
P-652 P-652 Miniature Piezo Linear Motors for OEMs:
9.0 x 6.5 x 2.4 mm3
0.005 3.2 PILine® ultrasonic motor
P-661, P-668 P-661
Ultrasonic OEM piezo linear motors, small, light,
very fast
- - PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-674 M-674 RodDrive Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor Pusher
for OEMs
0.7 100 PILine® ultrasonic motor
Linear Stages with Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motors
Click Image for
Data Sheet
Models* Description Load
Capacity [kg]
Travel [mm] Drive
P-653 P-653 PILine® Miniature Linear Motor / Slide:
8 mm in length
0.005 2 PILine® ultrasonic motor
P-652 P-652 Piezo Motor Micro-Stage for OEMs:
9.0 x 6.5 x 2.4 mm3
0.005 3.2 PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-661, M-662 M-661,
Miniature stages with linear
motor drive, open-loop, speeds to
500 mm/s, 0.1 µm resolution
0.5 18, 20 PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-663 M-663 Smallest stage with linear encoder and
linear motor drive, speed
to 500 mm/s, 0.1 µm resolution.
XY combinations possible
0.5 20 PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-664 M-664 M-664 micropositioning systems are low-profile, high-accuracy translation stages with piezo linear encoders. 0.5 25 PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-682 M-682 M-682 translation stages are low-profile, high-accuracy positioning systems based on the M-674 RodDrive ultrasonic linear motor actuator. 5 50 PILine® ultrasonic motor
M-686 M-686 Linear motor-driven XY stage with linear
encoder, 0.1 µm resolution
5 25 PILine® ultrasonic motor
Ultrasonic Piezo Motor Controllers/Drivers for PILine® Motors
Click Image for
Data Sheet
Models* Description Channels Outputs for
Motor Types
C-180 C-180 -
Analog / pulsed drivers
for PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors.
1 PILine®
TTL / analog
C-170 C-170 Redstone open-loop controller/driver
for PILine® ultrasonic piezo linear motors.
1, 2 PILine®
C-866 C-866 High-speed, closed-loop controller/driver
for closed-loop PILine® piezomotors.
1 PILine®
USB, RS-232
Piezoelectric Rotary Motors
Click Image for
Data Sheet
Models* Description
Rotary Motors PMR 40.08 Nonmagnetic, for low-speed applications, suited for hazardous environments, excellent start-stop performance, millisecond response time

* Ask about custom designs!

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New technique for studying nanoscale friction at sliding
     velocities up to 200 mm/s using atomic force microscope
     (by Zhenhua Tao and Bharat Bhushan). Uses a custom tuned
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